Julie’s Update(ジュリー寄稿欄)No. 37   JANUARY 2023

                                                                                                     日本語訳監修: 木下佳代子 ジェックス参与 


COVID 19から安全に過ごすことができる範囲で、素敵なクリスマスと新年をお過ごしいただけたことと




目標を設定するのに有効な時期であることはご存知のとおりです。  そうすることで、1年を通して達成した

ことをチェックすることができ、満足感を得ることができます。  何度もお話ししているように、患者さん







お勧めします。  このビデオはほんの数分ですが、緩和ケアのコンセプトをどのように伝えるべきかについて

多くの貴重な教訓を与えてくれます。 この件に関する



もし、追加情報が必要な分野があれば、 にリクエスト(英語または日本語)








お元気で, ジュリーより





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  •                                              Julie’s Update:  January  2023 (原文)

  • I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year within the parameters of being safe

  • with COVID 19. 


    As we know at the start of each year it is a useful time to reflect on the last 12 months, to acknowledge

  • what we have achieved and to establish our professional goals for this year.   This will give us a sense of

  • satisfaction as we progress through the year as we begin to tick off what we have achieved.   

  • As discussed on many occasions, don’t forget to include a self-care goal for yourself to ensure

  • your care for yourself as well as you care for your patients.   If your goals relate to palliative care

  • topics, please let me know so I can assist with discussions within the monthly updates.

To start the year off I would encourage you to have a go at listening to a satirical video by a Dr Rubenstein

about the lack of understanding of palliative care, and the common way palliative care is wrongly promoted

in the media with the use of pictures of elderly hands.   The video only goes for a few minutes and

provides many valuable lessons on how we should present the concept of palliative care.    I would be very interested in your thoughts

on this.


If you have any particular areas you would like additional information on, please forward your request

(either in English or Japanese) to  and we will ensure that this is discussed. 


Please let me know how you are going as we would enjoy sharing your thoughts and experiences on

palliative care, so that we can continue to learn from each other. 


 I am looking forward to our next month’s catch up.    


Take care,  Julie